My thoughts to parents

I believe in your child before I even meet your child or you.

 I believe your child will succeed. 
I believe your child will

  •  learn and grow.
  •  work hard and try their best. 
  •  make friends. 
  •  follow expectations.

I also believe your child will

  •  have times of struggle and failure.
  • have moments of distraction and lack of motivation.
  • fight with things that are right and wrong, and the decisions that follow.

I believe in 

  • mistakes, 
  • oopses,
  •  and getting little hands dirty. 

But I also believe in learning from

  •  the mistakes,
  •  oopses,  
  • and getting messy. 
Growth in  areas of learning, friendships, and behavior comes from guidance and love.  I am honored to share these responsibilities with you while your child is in the classroom I teach at.

Thank you for the opportunity to work with you and your kiddo to guide them through the first grade.

Before I have the opportunity to meet your child, I understand the hard work, love, and guidance you have provided for your child. I understand that you want the very best for your kiddo, and I am privileged for the opportunity to try my best to give it to them.  Thank you for trusting in me to provide your child with the best of education, trust, and guidance.

I am on your side.

There will be times I get a hold of you. Whether it is to discuss successes or struggles, I am there to work with you to praise, celebrate, or help your child succeed. I believe in your child to succeed or succeed through struggles. Please  recognize my effort to reach out to you is sign that I only want for your child to succeed.  

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